Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Vince: A Personal Biography (1987)

From the original book description: “Published to widespread critical acclaim, Vince: A Personal Biography of Vince Lombardi has been called: "the definitive biography" of an American legend (Editor’s note: at least until When Pride Still Mattered). With stunning revelations and anecdotes, Vince Lombardi's life is pieced together with painstaking care in research, detail, and historical accuracy. Based on more than two hundred interviews, including those who played with him and against him, from his early coaching days at St. Cecilia High School in New Jersey to West Point, the New York Giants, and his championship seasons with the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins. Drawing upon unpublished Lombardi family papers, Vince clarifies the thirty years of mystery and contradiction that have swirled around the legend of Vince Lombardi.”

Vince goes beyond the sidelines to reveal the true character of Lombardi. He was dedicated and narrow, intelligent and dogmatic, self-restrained yet emotional, abusive yet apologetic. His moods could swing from deep gloom to soaring exuberance in seconds. He was compassionate, kind, charitable. He could also be gripped by uncontrollable anger. Above all, Vince paints a portrait of a very human man who committed his life to winning.”

This was the first Lombardi biography that we added to our collection back in the year of its release, purchased at the old Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.

The back cover.

Find your copy here.

Vince: A Personal Biography of Vince Lombardi
By Michael O’Brien
William Morrow Paperbacks (1987)
456 pages


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