Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mean on Sunday (1973)

“Ray Nitschke was not only the greatest middle linebacker in the history of professional football, he was also one of the most beloved of the extended and far-flung Green Bay Packer family. Mean on Sunday is Nitschke’s own story, as told to Robert Wells, prizewinning writer for the Milwaukee Journal. It follows Nitschke from his underprivileged boyhood in Chicago, through his playing days at East Proviso High School and the University of Illinois, and culminating with his extraordinary 15-year career with the Packers (1958-73).”
— From the back cover of the second edition, 1998

Many fine photos are included in the book, from Nitschke’s childhood through his retirement from the Packers. 

The back cover of the original edition. 

The second edition, published in 1998. 

Second edition back cover.

Find your second edition copy here.

Mean on Sunday: The Autobiography of Ray Nitschke
As told to Robert W. Wells; Photography by Vernon Biever
Doubleday & Company, Inc. (1973)
302 pages


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