Sunday, March 03, 2013

Lombardi (1971)

One of the best books about Packers coach Vince Lombardi was called simply Lombardi. First published in 1971, it is made up mostly of quotes about the man from those who knew him best. “His shadow was long, his legacy large, and his place in the pantheon immovable. Green Bay Packer coach Vince "Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing" Lombardi was such a legend in his life that even he had a hard time keeping himself in focus: "I don't know," he once said hauntingly, "what I am." This fascinating oral history, originally published in 1971, the year after Lombardi's death, helps unravel the conundrum. It brings a complex combination of benevolent father figure and tyrannical martinet back into view. What the hundreds of reminiscences from Lombardi lovers and haters both in and out of football don't completely capture--and that's not much--Vernon Biever's stark black-and-white photography fills in. The late poet James Dickey's surreal epilogue in the form of a free-verse eulogy is a curiosity for today's more politically correct world; it is daringly unafraid to charge through the neutral zone and tackle Lombardi's dark side.” — 

It is peppered throughout with many photos by legendary Green Bay Packers photographer Vernon Biever — many of the classic shots that you’ve seen over and over, as well as many from his year in Washington. 

While the majority of images are from the Green Bay era, this book probably has more photos from his Redskins tenure than we’ve ever seen in one place. 

Some photos are also from his early years, and from his coaching career prior to Green Bay, such as this one from his time as an offensive assistant with the New York Giants. 

The back cover.

Find your copy here.

Edited By John Wiebusch; Photographs by Vernon Biever 
A National Football League Book; Follett Publishing Company (1971)
216 Pages


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