Monday, March 04, 2013

A Perspective on Victory (1972)

Coming at the end of his playing career, A Perspective on Victory provides a look at the legendary Packers QB and some of his key games in Green Bay. Filled with great classic photos from the era by Vernon Biever, this is an invaluable addition to any Bart Starr or Packer fan’s collection. 

The front and back flaps — a bit difficult to read with the green type on the dark gold background. 

Bart calls the signals in the intro pages. 

Plenty of great photos throughout. 

Many of his and the Packers’ key games are spotlighted. 

The back cover.

Find your copy here.

Bart Starr — A Perspective on Victory
By Bart Starr and John Wiebusch; Photographs by Vernon Biever 
Follett Publishing Company (1972)
192 pages


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Got this one in my hands right this second. Thanks for highlighting it!

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