Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lombardi: Winning Is The Only Thing (1970)

Subtitled “The Men Who Made Football An American Obsession Talk About The Game’s Most Unforgettable Figure,” this large sized volume of Lombardi: Winning Is The Only Thing features tributes to former Packers’ head coach Vince Lombardi by Frank Gifford and Kyle Rote (who played for him in New York), Emlen Tunnell (New York and Green Bay), Bart Starr and Paul Hornung (Green Bay), Sam Huff and Sonny Jurgenson (Washington), and many more. It is “illustrated with almost 200 dramatic and memorable photos.” It is a great book.

The back cover. 

The front and back flaps. 

Title spread.

Find your copy here.

Lombardi: Winning Is The Only Thing
Edited By Jerry Kramer 
Thomas Y. Crowell Company (1970)
261 Pages


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