Sunday, January 06, 2013

Wild Card Photo Extravaganza!

As promised, we are bringing you a photo history of the NFC Wild Card game at Lambeau Field on Saturday night (January 5th). Above is the official game program for the playoff match-up featuring the same two teams that played in Minneapolis six days prior.

A view of the Wisconsin winter countryside as we were heading up through the central portion of the state on the way to Green Bay.

Lambeau Field as she appeared late in the afternoon on game day.

This is the new clock tower at the north end of Lambeau Field that features the clock famously set to “Lombardi Time” — fifteen minutes early. 

Playoff ice sculpture in front of the Lambeau Atrium entrances. 

Playoff banners outside the atrium as well. 

Players slowly arrive in their private parking lot along the east side of the facility. This view is from the Packers Pro Shop. 

Inside the Lambeau Atrium several hours before playoff kickoff. 

Holiday decorations remain, behind the area where the Packers’ pre-game radio show is broadcast. The post-game show is done in upstairs in Curly’s Pub. 

The Atrium entrance as night falls on Green Bay. 

 Lambeau as seen from a block away while we gathered our gear for sitting four hours in the cold.

This is the view from the seats enjoyed by your Packerville, U.S.A. editor and five other companions. 

There was a fair amount of purple throughout the stadium, and we had these guys plus one other fellow off to the right, in front of us. They were the source of one punch and shoving match with the Packer fans in front of them, and the police came up, but did not throw them out. They were gone by the mid-fourth quarter when their team was toast on the field.

K Mason Crosby practices in the early pre-game time. 

Other Packers warming up in the south end zone. 

The Packers’ “bogeyman” the week prior to the game. The media cried, “How can they ever stop him after last week!?” Well, they did. 

The NBC network pre-game location down on the field. Here, Hines Ward talks with Bob Costas. 

The Vikings’ offense warms up in the north end zone. 

The Packers’ offense is introduced to the crowd. 

QB Aaron Rodgers is introduced to a loud ovation. 

The pre-game coin toss at mid-field. 

The Vikings’ offense starts out against the Packers’ defense. 

As can be seen here, S Charles Woodson was moving around all night close to the line of scrimmage. 

RB Adrian Peterson tries to get some yards. 

The Packers’ punt return team huddles before taking the field. 

WR/PR Jeremy Ross awaits the punt in his own end zone. 

Ross taking the ball to the outside on the return. 

The Packers’ offense huddles up for the first time. 

Green Bay’s offense at work. 

QB Aaron Rodgers giving instructions at the line of scrimmage. 

P Tim Masthay prepares to handle the snap after a failed Packers’ drive. 

The Packers’ defense works against Adrian Peterson again. 

RB DuJuan Harris plunges ahead for a gain. 

The Vikings’ defense awaits the Packers’ offense, with the Minnesota sideline in the background. 

One of the camera crews that bring you the NBC action.

This is what we’re watching on the field while you’re watching commercials at home. 

The Packers Tundra Line drum crew in action during a time out. 

Minnesota QB Joe Webb attempts a pass. 

The Packers’ sideline area. 

Those seats in the top half of the photo will have people in them instead of snow next season. 

Look at how many Vikings it takes to bring down DuJuan Harris. To go from trying to be a car salesman a couple months ago to scoring a TD in an NFL playoff game has got to be great for him. 

You can see purple here and there in the Lambeau crowd. There might have been less than the last time we went to a Packers-Vikings game. 

DuJuan Harris gets corralled again near the Vikings’ sideline. 

The Green Bay defense is lined up and ready for whatever the Vikings try to throw against them. 

A close-up of the front of the defense. 

Above and below, Rodgers attempts passes. 

Down near us, the Packers’ offense attempts to get closer, or into, the end zone.

We are reminded to not get too boisterous as the Packers are trying to score. 

Lined up for some goal line offense. 

TE Jermichael Finley gets both hands on a pass, but cannot hold on. 

But here, John Kuhn scores. 

The new HD video boards are really nice. 

WR Greg Jennings lines up for a play in what may be his final time at Lambeau. 

Rodgers chats with Harris before a play is run. 

Rodgers and Head Coach Mike McCarthy meet during a time out. 

Nearing the end of the game, the Packers’ defense continues to shut down the Vikings’ offense (except of course, for that one cheap, blown-coverage last minute TD pass).

Still trying to get something going with Peterson. 

We love those sideline capes the players wear. 

Dejection sets in on the Minnesota sideline. 

Bet this guy is glad he spent all that money to come to Green Bay, dress like an idiot, and see his team choke.

The Lambeau crowd enjoys the last seconds of the game. 

The NBC crew of Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth wrap up the broadcast. 

Here is your final score, ladies and gentleman, and it’s on to San Francisco next Saturday night! 

The gathering on the field that takes place after every NFL game. We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip to Lambeau with us, especially if you haven’t been there in person. Thanks for visiting.