Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Old Kezar Stadium

Since the NFC Divisional Playoff is in San Francisco this Saturday night, we thought we’d look back at the olden days and games in The City By The Bay. Above is a photo from an early Sixties game against the 49ers at old Kezar Stadium, the home of the team from 1946-70. QB Bart Starr has his offense huddled deep in their own territory. Note that the 49ers uniforms are red and silver, not the later gold that we’re familiar with today.

A undated photo showing the stadium even further back.  

An illustration showing how the stadium was partly dissected by what we believe is Frederick Street.

A Google Maps satellite image of the stadium as it appears today in a reduced size. According to Wikipedia, it “hosts amateur and recreation sports leagues, as well as numerous San Francisco high school football games (including the City Championship, known popularly as the "Turkey Bowl").