Saturday, January 26, 2013

Run To Daylight! (1963)

In our third post in the series of books about the Green Bay Packers, we’re already at an all-time classic — Run To Daylight! From the publisher: “If pro football is warfare, then the battle is won or lost in the six days before Sunday. Written by legendary head coach Vince Lombardi, the book details a week in the Green Bay Packers' 1962 championship season. Lombardi assesses the grit of players and coaches. A must read for all true fans of pro football. A sports classic.”

"All week long there builds up inside of you a competitive animosity toward that other man, that counterpart across the field. All week long he is the symbol, the epitome, of what you must defeat…"  — Vince Lombardi

"Tightly written and sharply focused....The book gives splendid insights into the complexity of the pro game, the lightning improvisations coaches must make and the selflessness of the Green Bay players." —The New York Times

"The book that defines [pro football] best, and with the most literary distinction....As [Lombardi] describes a man's job on the field, he also probes his psyche--his strengths and weaknesses as a human being." — Book Week 

Inside flap

Back flap 

Back cover 

The book is filled with great photographs (if you get one of the old editions), and Robert Riger’s illustrations, like this one in the book’s title pages.

You can pick up a current edition here

Run To Daylight!
By Vince Lombardi with W.C. Heinz
Prentice Hall Inc.; Eighth Edition

Here is a 1964 documentary based on the book’s concept. There is some great history here: St. Norbert’s College for training camp, the Oneida Street practice fields, etc. A magical time captured on film for future generations.