Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bart Starr (1967)

Moving our way through the Sixties, today we have a little book we picked up in elementary school. It is a kids’ biography titled simply Bart Starr. We don’t know about your childhood, but in our school, you could order paperback books from the Scholastic folks, and then you’d get them a couple weeks later. If there ever was a more exciting day at school than when the books showed up, we don’t know what it would be. And if the book was about your childhood hero, then all the better! Who knows, they might still do this, and somewhere there’s a kid waiting for his biography of Aaron Rodgers to show up. 

A sample of a couple of the photo pages. Looks like Bart’s going to have a headache following Super Bowl I.

Back cover.

There are a few copies available here.

Bart Starr
By John Devaney
Scholastic Book Services, 1967
143 Pages


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Again, you made my day. I had my own copy of this one.

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