Saturday, December 15, 2012

Packers vs. Bears 1970

To tie in with the important match-up with the Chicago Bears, we’re posting this program from November of 1970. The Bears traveled to Green Bay that Sunday to take on Phil Bengston’s Packers team. Above is the game program cover for that day.

Head coach Bengston and his staff are profiled on this page. 

Coach Phil has a lucrative endorsement deal. 

 In those days, they’d take several pages of the program to feature photos of the players.

Apparently, the team photo for 1970 was not used for some reason. It seems that they would’ve had it by November, since it looks like the 1969 team photo (seen above) was shot in warm, sunny weather.

Those behind-the-scenes fellows who ran the organization in those years.

Still located a stone’s throw away from Lambeau Field, WLUK had quite a line-up of football programs. We’d love to see some tape of these shows today.
Your Packers’ Board of Directors. 

 Above and below, more stars from your 1970 team.

Don’t forget to fill out your NFL Man-of-the-Year entry blank. 

There’s a few Packers listed among the “NFC Leaders” stats. Not as many as a few years before.

Anyone up for some pizza at Bob Long’s restaurant? And a bit about the Bears’ coaching staff. 

Dig those slacks! 

 Your Packers’ stat leaders.

 A few more Packers… and who can forget Electric Football?!

 A whole Page-’O-Packers!

Before the days of Jim Irwin and Max (McGee), it was Jim and Gary (Bender). 

Your full 1970 Green Bay Packers roster. 

The program’s centerspread has the rosters and the starting line-ups.

The 1970 Chicago Bears roster. 

 Another Page-’O-Packers.

Those legendary men behind the Packers who kept them healthy and equipped through the Lombardi years and beyond.

Some of the Bears’ “stars” and a scouting report (above and below) on the 1970 squad. 

Packer bandleader extraordinaire, Wilner Burke. And does anyone still have one of those copper plaques laying around their basement or attic? 

We had not heard about Bart Starr’s “Huddle” restaurant, but boy would we love to eat there now! 

This is interesting… an ad for AstroTurf™. Better living through chemicals. 

An interesting article about the NFL Draft at the dawn of the Seventies. 

Some more Packers and some pickles. 

Green Bay’s Channel 2 is still there.

We wonder how many people actually bought these “stadium suits and boots”? 

A letter from NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle (below) follows this multiple exposure shot of the Packers (above) from what might be the 1966 NFL title game in Dallas. 

Your two Packers’ stadiums — Lambeau Field in Green Bay and County Stadium in Milwaukee. 

The complete 1970 NFC teams’ schedules. 

A colorful ad for old-fashioned, low-definition Zenith televisions closes off this program on the back cover. So what happened in this game, you ask? Well, on a 30-degree November day, the Packers edged the Bears by one point — 20-19 — in front of 56,263 fans at Lambeau.