Thursday, December 20, 2012

1990 Preseason in Madison

Although we feature what seems to be a lot of stuff from the Lombardi era here on Packerville, U.S.A., we also have a trove of material from the mid-80’s through today that will eventually make its way onto the internet. Of course, the current material just keeps on accumulating in the archives. Today, we look back to the illustrious Lindy Infante era of the 1990 preseason to get a look at how things were for the Packers an their fans in mediocre times. This program is from a game against the New Orleans Saints at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wis. (yes, we were there). The team used to play semi-regularly in Madison, but the last game in the home of the Badgers was in 1999.

An ad for the Packer Pro Shop, which at that time was in a little alcove off the administration building’s main lobby. This was about the time the Packers (and the rest of the league) discovered that millions could be made on merchandise. 

We won’t focus a lot on this meaningless game (preseason games were meaningless back then too), but here are a few pages to give you an idea of the state of the team at that time. 

A feature on DE Shawn Patterson, who played in Green Bay from 1988-91, and again in 1993. 

Does anybody besides us remember the “America’s Pack” fan club? Although officially sanctioned, it always had the feeling (and look) of amateurishness.

This ad features an action photo of RB Keith Woodside (#33) following the blocking of G Rich Moran (#57) and T Ken Ruettgers (#75).

A neat ad with logo patches of NFL teams. If this ad were today, the Packers’ logo would be prominently featured instead of stuck in the shadows at lower right. The team got almost no respect in advertising and in types of available merchandise. 

A short little article on the Packers’ prospects in 1990. 

 Some things never change.

Your 1990 Green Bay Packers, as they stood in training camp. Besides the players who would not be in the league in a couple of years, many of these guys never made it past the preseason. 

Another ad featuring an action shot of players at the time. #85 is not Jeff Query, so could the photo be older, and perhaps of Phillip Epps (or Lee Morris)? Also celebrating are CB Van Jakes (#24), and NT Bob Nelson (#79). Bob McGinn now writes about the Packers for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

An ad which shows a shot of the north end of “The Barn,” the indoor practice facility that preceded the Don Hutson Center, which was built three years later on the same site.

A bit of NFL history, spotlighting the Oorang Indians. 

Two pages (above and below) on then-head coach Lindy Infante. He would last through the 1991 season, after which he was fired by new GM Ron Wolf. 

A mail order ad for the Packer Pro Shop. Those with sharp eyes will notice that it is now called the Packers (plural) Pro Shop.

LB Johnny Holland was the subject of this first-in-a-series tear-out mini posters. 

These two pages (above and below) depict Infante’s coaching staff for the 1990 season. We spot at least one future NFL head coach. Anyone notice any others? 

Lastly, this page showed some images from the annual Fan Photo & Appreciation Day, which used to be held each summer right before the season. After the arrival of Wolf, head coach Mike Holmgren, and QB Brett Favre, the crowds were so huge that the event had to be discontinued. Success has its advantages, but alas, some things get left behind.


kidneyboy said...

Nice one! Didn't see this one, but we went to Packer games at both Camp Randall and County Stadium when I was a kid.
I remember one game in Madison, against the Eagles. On the way back, we stopped at a rest stop to play some catch. I went backwards to catch one, only to trip over a concrete embankment. I fell directly on the curb, getting hit right in the middle of my back. We had to put the ice from our cooler into a shirt to ice my back down. I think was in junior high at the time, had a couple of friends along too. That was a good time!

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