Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cardinals at Packers — Part II

For any of you who have been checking back for Part II of our photos from the Packers-Cardinals game, we took the Bye Week off ourselves. When we get into the practice of not posting material here, each day becomes easier to blow it off. Throw in a four-day weekend/college visit in that state to the west of the St. Croix River, and all of the sudden a week has gone by. So, we’re back, and above we see the Packers’ defense waiting to engage the Cardinals’ offense.

QB John Skelton looks to pass against the defense. We couldn’t resist calling him “Red” instead of “John.” Our older readers might find humor in that.

QB Aaron Rodgers lets one fly.

Rodgers hands off to RB James Stark.


Rodgers gets away from some pressure, looking for an open receiver.

The Cardinals’ bench area along the east sideline.

The Packers’ bench area along the west sideline.

The offense working in the south end of the field.

The offense, just before a snap.

RB Alex Green squirts through a hole.

Rodgers in the pocket, cool under pressure.

The non-zoomed-in view from our Packerville seats in the north end zone.

During a timeout, Rodgers confers with head coach Mike McCarthy.

Everybody standing around, waiting for the TV break to be over.

Rodgers makes some adjustments at the line of scrimmage.

The defense ready to line up against the Cardinals’ offense.

The Cardinals try the run game.

Traffic jam.

Packers fans on a delightful Sunday afternoon.

Mike McCarthy pleads his case with a ref on the sideline.

Packers huddle.

Handing off to Starks.

Handing off to WR Randall Cobb.

Student body right, as radio play-by-play man Wayne Larrivee would say.

Pass play to the left side of the field.

Cheerleaders performing for the crowd, while police make sure no drunken fools storm the field.

Handing off to Green near mid-field.

The FOX television broadcast booth, open to the elements.

Skelton gets a pass off against the Packers’ D.

LB Clay Matthews at work.

Another time out huddle.

The new HD video boards sure are nice.

Rodgers enjoys something up on the south end zone video board.

The Cardinals are resigned to defeat.

The final score and a last look at the scoreboard before heading out of Lambeau.


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