Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Cardinals at Packers — Part I

We promised that we’d share the experience of the Packers-Cardinals game on the blog here, and so we’re doing so in two parts. Above, Lambeau Field about three hours prior to game time, with tailgaters setting up for the pre-game feast.

We were to be part of a “card stunt” just before the game, so the color cards were taped to all the seats in the bowl, giving the above “preview” of the stunt. 

Here is how the stunt was prepared for the crowd. We wonder how long it took to set up all these cards. 

As you know from previous game posts, we like to avoid the long lines and go into the stadium early, sometimes when the gates first open (two hours before kickoff). It’s fun to hang around the Packers’ bench area and see how things are all set up for an NFL game. 

We were part of a white stripe in the card stunt, as our seats are visible right over the 40-second clock in the North end zone. 

Station for monitoring the on-field video, and providing photos of the opponents’ coverage, etc.

Can’t we just have one of these, instead of paying $99.99 in the Pro Shop? 

Pre-game FOX television interviews were taking place here. 

One of the FOX camera guys makes sure everything is working right. 

Above and below we see the Packers’ emergency kits for dealing with anything that might come up during a game, from upset stomachs to bloody wounds.

The machine which launches many bad decisions. 

Looking back upwards toward the press box (top level, left).

The construction of the new seating decks continues in the south end zone. In our previous post, we showed how things look on the outside now. 

G T.J. Lang warms up early. 

As does T Bryan Bulaga. 

The camera guy we saw earlier rides atop this device, which travels back and forth along the sideline throughout the game.

The FOX overhead camera, which travels all over the field on four guide wires. 

An official NFL Media cameraman gets his gear together on the sideline.

Some Arizona Cardinals players warming up early. 

Another look back along the Packers’ bench area. 

K Mason Crosby is out early, working on his field goals to get a feel of how the wind is and how far he can make kicks. We hope his slump ends soon.  

More Packers out for early warm-ups. 

LB Clay Matthews enjoys music while warming with his routine.

Fans arriving through the Verizon Gate. This is in case you wonder what Lambeau looks like under the stands.

Fans arriving on the stadium’s west side. 

Another view of the concourse underneath the stands. 

We make our way to the upper concourse, because it’s easier to get to our seats, and is always less crowded. It was time for a traditional bratwurst, our preferred Lambeau Field pre-game meal.

This is why we come in early... to avoid the last-minute long security lines. 

This almost has a surreal quality to it, like it’s a tunnel to Heaven or something. Actually, it’s the tunnel we take to get out to our Section 100 seats. 

The view from the upper concourse level, before walking down to our seats. 

A view of the crowd around us from our seats, about a half-hour before kickoff. 

Ever wonder what the back of an end zone 40-second clock looks like? 

Cardinals players doing pre-game activities. 

The Packers doing the same. Then both teams go back into the locker rooms for a few minutes before coming out with player introductions.

This Sunday was a day designated by the NFL to honor those serving in the military. 

On Sunday, they introduced the offense, and here QB Aaron Rodgers comes out last to a big ovation. They alternate introducing the offense and defense at home games. 

WR Donald Driver interacts with the crowd in the north end zone after introductions.

Every game starts with the coin toss, and here is Sunday’s. 

The Packers’ kickoff team comes out to start the game. 

The Cardinals’ kickoff team receives last-minute instructions.

We’ll be back with Part II from Sunday’s game.


Anonymous said...

That little guy on field during coin toss is my son Kruz Kitelinger from Montfort WI....would u happen to have any more pics of him???? Your pictures are great..let me know.... Kelsileekitleinger@gmail.com

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