Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pro-Football 1954

We’re digging back a ways today to spotlight the NFL in 1954. And more specifically, the Green Bay Packers in 1954. This “official” publication is a preview of the coming season, and has a preview of all the teams in the league at the time. How long ago was this? Well, the Detroit Lions were defending champions, if that gives you any indication.

Let’s see, what changes have taken place since then? Baltimore no longer has the Colts, who are in Indianapolis, and were replaced by the Ravens. The Cardinals aren’t in Chicago, or St. Louis, for that matter — they’re in Phoenix. The Rams left Los Angeles for St. Louis, who had lost the Cardinals, and the rest are unchanged. Got all that? 

Here’s a two-page synopsis of the professional game in 1953-54. 

The NFL Commissioner at the time, Bert Bell, was a supporter of keeping football in Green Bay in an era where most of the league thought a team in such a small town was a thing of the past. 

Some writing on the “World Professional Football Championship.”

The Packers’ preview section begins here. 

Pro football records at the time. 

The full 1954 NFL schedule. 

Your guide to watching professional football on that new invention called “television.”


Anonymous said...

This is another awesome bit of Packer history. Thanks!

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