Friday, September 14, 2012

Back from Green Bay

What a great time was had by all (except the Chicago fans, and there were a LOT of them) at last night’s Packers-Bears game at Lambeau. Hopefully, at least some of you have the NFL Network and were able to see the game. Here is the stadium during early pre-game warm-ups.

More pre-game warms-ups from our Packerville, U.S.A. “Gold Package” season tickets. 

A new treatment during the national anthem — four flags instead of one giant one. It was followed by a fly-over of four U.S. Air Force fighter jets with full afterburners.

Game action from our North end zone seats, two rows above the 40 second clock.

This morning, after dropping some serious cash in the Packers Pro Shop, we checked out the progress on the stadium exterior with the new South end zone seating addition. It was a buzzing construction zone with a lot going on simultaneously.

Here is last night’s game program cover.

More from our Packers of the Past presentation, with WR Billy Howton being spotlighted today. 

One of our purchases from the Pro Shop was this new book from Lombardi Era defensive Hall of Famer Willie Davis. Our library grows and grows. It can be purchased here or here. Stay tuned for more Packers historical items in the days to come.


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