Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Welcome Home!

Here’s a look at a crowd in Green Bay gathered to welcome home their pro football champions in 1929, 1930, or 1931. In those days, they’d be waiting at the train depot instead of at the airport.

• Coach Mike McCarthy: Looking for Benson to contribute

• RB Cedric Benson grateful to be a Packer

• QB Aaron Rodgers: "Benson can add experience." 

• The Larry McCarren Report: New kid in town.

• Benson says he's got plenty left
• Cedric the Entertainer
Benson vs. Grant? Don't go there
• The hot corner
• Packers, Lang agree to 4-year extension
• McCarthy adjusts as injuries mount
• Clay Matthews: Packers' pass rush is back
• Kuhn's injury puts McCarthy over the edge
• Newhouse a sight for sore eyes
• Finley: Taking a 'timeout' with quad injury
• Chad Clifton to visit Patriots