Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time for Summer Camp

This week the NFL world gets back in full gear for the non-stop ride to Super Bowl XLVII in February. For Packer fans, it starts with the annual Shareholders’ Meeting on Tuesday morning and Training Camp practices beginning on Thursday. Isn’t it great to finally be back to The Game? The end to last season was so incredibly frustrating after the 15-1 record, and really, where do they go from here? Is anything less than 15-1 a failure? Is anything other than a championship a complete failure? The bar has been set high in Green Bay for a generation, thanks to all of the success since the Mike Holmgren years. And by the way, Mike Holmgren enters the Packers’ Hall of Fame tonight in a ceremony that is underway as we type this. On Tuesday, we’ll be at the meeting and will provide some photos and coverage, but probably not until Wednesday due to a late arrival home after a day in Titletown.

We’re starting the “Packerville Newsroom” back up, but it is going to be different than in past seasons. As we mentioned earlier, the major Wisconsin newspapers are all going behind “pay walls,” which means that there will no longer be links to free articles here in the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, or either Madison, Wis. newspaper. We will try to post articles of interest that are still in “free” newspapers and sites. If you’re used to getting your football news the same way you’ve been getting it on the internet since the mid-Nineties, your world is about to change, and you are going to find yourself with a lot less info available to read. Much of what we will be able to link to will be more from national publications than Wisconsin sources:

• 2012 Green Bay Packers Preview
• Green Bay Packers Team Report
• Complete 2012 Packers’ Training Camp Guide
• B.J. Raji to have snaps limited by Packers
• Graham Harrell believes he’ll be ready
• 2012 Packers’ Training Camp Schedule
• 2012 Packers’ Training Camp Roster
• Mike Holmgren readies for Hall call
• Holmgren on Favre-Packers
• Favre says he has no relationship with Packers
• Packers preparing for Tuesday’s Shareholders Meeting
• Ashwaubenon reconsiders Packers ticket resales
• Ground broken for Cabela's
• NFC North training-camp reports
• NFL statement on negotiations with game officials
• Officials say NFL planned lockout
• Summer vacation almost over


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