Friday, July 20, 2012

Over the Line? Nope.

Remember the “Instant Replay Game” on November 5, 1989? We sure do. It was a day of great thrills for Packers fans.To put it in context, this was nearing the end of the era where Chicago was dominant and Green Bay was not. Think of the Packers-Bears rivalry in the 1990’s in reverse. Chicago had won the previous eight games, and so a Packer victory seemed unlikely against Mike Ditka’s team. But the end of this game was quite stressful and thrilling indeed. The coverage starts with the pre-game show and a feature on the rivalry, followed by the start of the game. It then fast-forwards to 4:44 left in the Fourth Quarter, and the thrilling conclusion. If you want to skip the preliminaries, got to 8:30 of Part 6, and then watch Part 7 as well. We spared you from having to watch The Mike Ditka Show, which was in Parts 1 & 2.

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