Monday, July 09, 2012

The Old Hall of Fame — Part II

Part II of our visit to the old Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame starts with some game balls from World Championships of days gone by. At the time most of these photos were taken (1989-91), the prospect of there ever being another Packers’ title seemed quite dim. Above is a game ball from the 1966 NFL title game, which propelled the team into the first Super Bowl.

Game balls from the 1962 championship (left), and Super Bowl I (right)

Game ball from the 1961 championship game in Green Bay — Lombardi’s first title. 

A telegram (remember those?) from President John F. Kennedy to head coach Vince Lombardi after the ’61 championship game in Green Bay. 

A selection of Green Bay Packer yearbooks from the early years of publication. These are very valuable today. All of them reside in the Packerville, U.S.A. archives. 

A ticket stub and game program from the first Super Bowl in January 1967. 

An Ice Bowl (1967 NFL championship) ticket stub on a giant All-American logo patch. 

1945 Green Bay Packers press book (referred to these days as the “media guide”).

A famous Lombardi quote on a plaque. 

A display case of Vince Lombardi memorabilia and awards. 

A sign from Lombardi’s famous speech. 

Championship banner spotlighting the 1966 season. 

Super Bowl rings from the first two games. 

A fan’s self-made Packers hard hat from the Ice Bowl. The card tells the story. 

A couple of leather helmets from the olden days. 

A Ray Nitschke helmet. 

A Paul Hornung helmet. 

Sideline cape from the great Don Hutson. 

A “Jim Taylor” locker mock-up. 

Locker room display area for Packers in the Hall of Fame. 

A Chris Jacke record-setting shoe from the mid-Nineties. 

Great sideline shot of Vince Lombardi in action on game day. 

A Donny Anderson jersey from the late 1960’s. 

Autographed portrait of Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston. 

From the REAL olden days, an ACME Packers jersey and helmet. 

One of the many official team portraits on display.


not osama said...

First, let me say I love the site and visit it daily, thank you for all your hard work!
I grew up just outside of Green Bay, unfortunately was during the time in between the great Lombardi and Farve eras. I recall the old Hall of Fame quite well want to say thanks for the photo memories. It was great then and even better now IMO but there is one thing that bothers me, (I wrote to the Hall but received no response), is that the helmets (and some other equipment) assigned to certain players and displays are questionable at best and plain wrong at worst. For instance the Nietschke and Hornug helmets displayed are not the make or model worn by those players. The Nitschke helmet on display is a unique as it is a Rawlings, while the Paul Hornung is also unique but is a MacGregor. While you can never say 100%, the vast majority of players wore Riddell during that era. Hornung actually had a endorsement deal with Wilson but still wore Riddell on the field as did Bart Starr with MacGregor but he also wore Riddell on the filed. (BTW, if I am not mistaken in the new hall of fame it reassigned the same Hornung/MacGregor helmet to Starr?!?)

Mr. Lambeau said...

I know what you're saying, and I considered putting quote marks around Nitschke's and Hornung's names. I, too would like to hear the Hall's opinion or reasoning.

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