Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012 Shareholders Meeting

As promised, here is an update on today’s 2012 Packers Shareholders meeting. We arrived at Lambeau Field about 7:45 a.m. this morning, and she looked like this on a lightly overcast day.

Fellow shareholders make their way to the Lambeau Atrium gate. 

The Atrium didn’t open until 8:00 a.m., and the lines were long. But once the doors opened, it took only a few minutes to clear the courtyard area.

Oh yeah. 

People milling about in the Atrium before heading to the seats in the Lambeau bowl. 

Under the Lambeau stands before the meeting. 

Our first look at the inside view of the 6,700 new seats being added in the South end zone. 

New seats construction with the HD video board in the South end zone.

Waiting for the meeting. View of the new HD video board in the North end zone. 

Lambeau Field awaits the football season. Coming soon, thankfully. 

Close-up of the new HD video board in the South end zone. Apparently, the iPhone’s camera has a conflict with the HD video.

Hardcore: Sitting in your season ticket seats during the annual meeting. By his age, this must be a third-generation season ticket holder.

Around 12,500 NFL team owners sitting in Lambeau waiting for the meeting to begin (above and below)

The stars of the day are the men in suits, who entered the playing field to applause. 

Team president Mark Murphy addresses the gathering. 

GM Ted Thompson gives his football report. 

Another look at the new construction where it meets the existing structure. 

The meeting is over... time for a brat! 

Hanging out in the Lambeau Atrium after the meeting. 

How great for the Packers... people lined up to give them loads and loads of cash!

Brisk sales in the Packers Pro Shop today, and we did our part as well.

Mark Murphy meets the press after the meeting today. Watch his press conference here.

What to Watch for in Training Camp can be seen here.

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