Friday, June 22, 2012

Yet More Auction Treasures

This 1957 action photo of Packers receiver Max McGee lunging for a missed pass has been marked for cropping in some sort of publication, most likely a newspaper. It looks to us like this is during a game at Detroit, which would make it the November 28, 1957 Thanksgiving Day game which the Lions won 18-6. 

The first of two images from the 1962 College All-Star game shows Max McGee again, this time possibly making the catch despite triple coverage by the youthful pro football hopefuls. This game was played on August 3, 1962, and Green Bay barely squeaked out a win over the All-Stars by a score of 42-20. 

This second photo from the ’62 All-Star game shows what appears to be a Green Bay touchdown. The Packers depicted here are (left to right) QB Bart Starr #15, T Norm Masters #78, HB Tom Moore #25, FB Jim Taylor #31, and an unidentified lineman, possibly G Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston #63. 
The basic info on this January 1965 photo is provided by the Associated Press caption on the left side. This was taken prior to the “Bert Bell Benefit Bowl,” or as it became known as the “Playoff Bowl.” This was a post-season game for third place in the NFL, played ten times following the 1960-1969 seasons. The Packers lost to the Cardinals, 24-17. Coach Vince Lombardi hated this game which was “for losers” in his opinion. The year before, the Packer shad defeated the Cleveland Browns, 40-23. They would not play in the game again. 

We have presented this photo before, but this is a much larger size for your viewing pleasure. FB Jim Taylor #31 scores against the Chicago Bears in an unidentified year, most likely in the 1961-1964 range. Also visible is HB Paul Hornung #5, G Jerry Kramer #64, T Forrest Gregg #75, WR Max McGee #85, and TE Ron Kramer #88. Again, the unidentified lineman in the center is possibly G Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston #63. 

Lastly for today, this illustration shows a mock-up for the Lambeau Field scoreboard in the 1960s. We like the hypothetical score. We could’ve used that for last season’s NFC Divisional Playoff game.


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