Saturday, June 30, 2012

Super Bowl XLV Champions!

Here is another NFL Films video tracing the Packers’ journey to their 2010 Super Bowl XLV championship.

In other news that will affect our “Packerville Newsroom” daily feature through the coming season, the Green Bay Press-Gazette newspaper has joined the trend of instituting a “paywall” between you, the non-Green Bay resident Packer fan and all of their Packers coverage. Newspapers have finally figured out that all those years of providing free access to their content was a bad business model. In the wild west days of the internet, they wanted someone — anyone — to go to their site for news. Now, they’re all pulling back. They will allow you to view a set amount of “free” articles (usually ten or less) and then block your access after that.

What this means is that the Press-Gazette will join the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in the ranks of sites we will no longer provide links to in our “Newsroom” feature. Since they are (were) the two best choices for Packers news coverage from a Wisconsin viewpoint, the question remains: “Why bother to post any news links at all?” That is a question we’ll figure out the answer to by the time the Packers’ season starts. We’ve enjoyed providing the links, but now that you, the reader, has to pay to see them makes it pointless. We will pay to get our Packers news, but we know that the vast majority of you will not. As far as getting your Packers news out-of-town, this reverts things back to the pre-Internet era.

With that being said, here is a weekly round-up of Packers news that is still available free of charge (for now).