Monday, June 25, 2012

“He Did What?” — Freeman’s Catch

We’re setting the way back machine to November 6, 2000 today to take a look at one of the Packers’ most thrilling OT finishes of all time. It was Monday Night Football at Lambeau Field, and we were there on that chilly, damp evening to watch it happen. Anytime you beat the Vikings, it’s a good night. From the Packers Hall of Fame:

“He did what?” asks an incredulous Al Michaels on a cold, rainy evening at Lambeau Field. Handling play-by-play for “Monday Night Football,” Michaels is as amazed as anyone by Antonio Freeman’s 43-yard touchdown catch that beats the Vikings 26-20 in overtime. Minnesota defensive back Chris Dishman appears to knock the ball to the ground, but instead it hits Freeman’s left shoulder popping slightly into the air. Flat on his back, Freeman rolls to his side, gets two hands on the ball, hops to his feet, then races the final 15 yards to the end zone.” 

We were in the opposite end zone, and we couldn’t tell what happened right away because the crowd was cheering too loud for us to hear the radio call in our headphones. Not until we saw the replay did we know that the Packers had indeed won the game. Despite all that has transpired since 2009, we really have some great memories of those Brett Favre years. Someday all wounds will heal.