Saturday, June 30, 2012

Super Bowl XLV Champions!

Here is another NFL Films video tracing the Packers’ journey to their 2010 Super Bowl XLV championship.

In other news that will affect our “Packerville Newsroom” daily feature through the coming season, the Green Bay Press-Gazette newspaper has joined the trend of instituting a “paywall” between you, the non-Green Bay resident Packer fan and all of their Packers coverage. Newspapers have finally figured out that all those years of providing free access to their content was a bad business model. In the wild west days of the internet, they wanted someone — anyone — to go to their site for news. Now, they’re all pulling back. They will allow you to view a set amount of “free” articles (usually ten or less) and then block your access after that.

What this means is that the Press-Gazette will join the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in the ranks of sites we will no longer provide links to in our “Newsroom” feature. Since they are (were) the two best choices for Packers news coverage from a Wisconsin viewpoint, the question remains: “Why bother to post any news links at all?” That is a question we’ll figure out the answer to by the time the Packers’ season starts. We’ve enjoyed providing the links, but now that you, the reader, has to pay to see them makes it pointless. We will pay to get our Packers news, but we know that the vast majority of you will not. As far as getting your Packers news out-of-town, this reverts things back to the pre-Internet era.

With that being said, here is a weekly round-up of Packers news that is still available free of charge (for now).

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rodgers on #1 Ranking

Aaron Rodgers appeared (via phone) on the NFL Network today to discuss his being ranked the #1 player in the league. Please go here to listen to the interview.

America’s Game — 1996 Packers

This film is about the 1996 World Champion Packers.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

America's Game — 1966 Packers

Continuing on with our series of videos, we have the NFL Films production of “America’s Game — The 1966 Green Bay Packers.”

Monday, June 25, 2012

Two More Rodgers Ads

Milwaukee Brewers Ad

Associated Bank Ad

“He Did What?” — Freeman’s Catch

We’re setting the way back machine to November 6, 2000 today to take a look at one of the Packers’ most thrilling OT finishes of all time. It was Monday Night Football at Lambeau Field, and we were there on that chilly, damp evening to watch it happen. Anytime you beat the Vikings, it’s a good night. From the Packers Hall of Fame:

“He did what?” asks an incredulous Al Michaels on a cold, rainy evening at Lambeau Field. Handling play-by-play for “Monday Night Football,” Michaels is as amazed as anyone by Antonio Freeman’s 43-yard touchdown catch that beats the Vikings 26-20 in overtime. Minnesota defensive back Chris Dishman appears to knock the ball to the ground, but instead it hits Freeman’s left shoulder popping slightly into the air. Flat on his back, Freeman rolls to his side, gets two hands on the ball, hops to his feet, then races the final 15 yards to the end zone.” 

We were in the opposite end zone, and we couldn’t tell what happened right away because the crowd was cheering too loud for us to hear the radio call in our headphones. Not until we saw the replay did we know that the Packers had indeed won the game. Despite all that has transpired since 2009, we really have some great memories of those Brett Favre years. Someday all wounds will heal.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zapping the ’Bolts

After missing a chance at a Super Bowl appearance the previous January in Dallas, coach Mike Holmgren’s Green Bay Packers were the favorites going into the 1996 NFL season. They did not disappoint, as they came out of the box and won the first three games of the year before suffering their first defeat to division rivals Minnesota. The photo above is from the third game of the season against the San DIego Chargers, in which the Packers throttled them 42-10. We were at that game and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Of course, after finishing the season at 13-3, they stormed through the playoffs and brought the first championship in 29 years back to Titletown, U.S.A. Those were good days indeed.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Previews are Coming

It’s not even July 1st yet, but we’re already starting to accumulate the 2012 NFL Preview publications. These two were picked up tonight, and depending on where you live, the covers might be different in your area. We will wait to purchase some of the publications until we’re in Green Bay at the end of July so that we can be assured of having Aaron Rodgers or other Packers on the cover. This USA Today preview (above) has the following predictions for the upcoming season:
NFC North Champions: Green Bay
Other NFC Division Winners: Philadelphia, Atlanta, and San Francisco
NFC Wild Cards: Chicago and Detroit
NFC Champions: San Francisco
Super Bowl Champion: New England

Because of our Midwest location, Pro Football Weekly’s preview cover features players from three of the four NFC North teams. As in the days of Brett Favre, we hope to see Aaron Rodgers on the cover of each preview we pick up this year. Here are the predictions of PFW:
NFC North Champions: Green Bay
Other NFC Division Winners: Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco
NFC Wild Cards: Chicago and New York
NFC Champions: San Francisco
Super Bowl Champion: San Francisco

Friday, June 22, 2012

Yet More Auction Treasures

This 1957 action photo of Packers receiver Max McGee lunging for a missed pass has been marked for cropping in some sort of publication, most likely a newspaper. It looks to us like this is during a game at Detroit, which would make it the November 28, 1957 Thanksgiving Day game which the Lions won 18-6. 

The first of two images from the 1962 College All-Star game shows Max McGee again, this time possibly making the catch despite triple coverage by the youthful pro football hopefuls. This game was played on August 3, 1962, and Green Bay barely squeaked out a win over the All-Stars by a score of 42-20. 

This second photo from the ’62 All-Star game shows what appears to be a Green Bay touchdown. The Packers depicted here are (left to right) QB Bart Starr #15, T Norm Masters #78, HB Tom Moore #25, FB Jim Taylor #31, and an unidentified lineman, possibly G Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston #63. 
The basic info on this January 1965 photo is provided by the Associated Press caption on the left side. This was taken prior to the “Bert Bell Benefit Bowl,” or as it became known as the “Playoff Bowl.” This was a post-season game for third place in the NFL, played ten times following the 1960-1969 seasons. The Packers lost to the Cardinals, 24-17. Coach Vince Lombardi hated this game which was “for losers” in his opinion. The year before, the Packer shad defeated the Cleveland Browns, 40-23. They would not play in the game again. 

We have presented this photo before, but this is a much larger size for your viewing pleasure. FB Jim Taylor #31 scores against the Chicago Bears in an unidentified year, most likely in the 1961-1964 range. Also visible is HB Paul Hornung #5, G Jerry Kramer #64, T Forrest Gregg #75, WR Max McGee #85, and TE Ron Kramer #88. Again, the unidentified lineman in the center is possibly G Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston #63. 

Lastly for today, this illustration shows a mock-up for the Lambeau Field scoreboard in the 1960s. We like the hypothetical score. We could’ve used that for last season’s NFC Divisional Playoff game.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Johnny Jolly — is he it worth it?

Perhaps you’ve seen in the news this week that former Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly is looking to be reinstated by the league to be eligible to play football again. Because his suspension and subsequent jail time came after he signed a contract with Green Bay, the Packers still own his “rights.” What do you think — if he is reinstated, should the Packers welcome him back (providing he’s in any kind of football shape)? We’re curious to see how Packer fans feel about his crimes and whether or not he’s been punished enough. Take a second to vote in our poll at right. Thanks.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1936 Champions Beer Label

Also seen in our recent viewings of Packers vintage auction items is this 1936 beer label. According to the description, “1936 World Champion Green Bay Packers Rahr Brewing Corp. Beer Label. One of the scarcest and most attractive original pieces of Packers memorabilia representing the 1936 World Championship squad. Measuring at 3.5" x 5", the excellent piece pictures Curly Lambeau, Johnny Blood, Don Hutson, Clarke Hinkle and all the team’s “Good Ol’ Boys” from that small Wisconsin town.” If you would like to bid on this item, go here.

Being the amateur historians that we are, we had to see if we could find out more about this brewery. For a modern-day link to this long-ago Green Bay company, check this out. And, for a more overall synopsis of brewing in the history of Green Bay, visit this site.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Packer Fandom

We came across this video clip in the news today, and thought we’d share it. This guy definitely gets some sort of award for his “man cave.” It may not be the award for the best man cave, but maybe for the most stuff per square inch. And he doesn’t even live in Wisconsin. Watch it here.

This is a “dead month” in the NFL as far as news goes, with the teams allowed no contact with the players. Also, this is when the coaching staffs and others in the organization take their pre-football vacations before The Grind starts up again with Training Camp. We’ll post off and on in this time, but will also take a day off here and there before we also settle in for the season.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Online Auction Treasures

From time to time, we look at various online auctions that feature sports memorabilia, and we thought we’d share a few of the items we found for sale. We did not bid on or buy anything, but it’s fun to see some rare old stuff and dream. This pennant features a photo of the 1961 NFL championship team.

This game program is from the 1966 NFL title game played in Dallas, where the Packers won 34-27. This program is quite rare and expensive when found. We do not have one in our collection.

1960’s-era t-shirt.

Commemorative button celebrating the Packers’ first division title under coach Vince Lombardi in 1960. 

Even more rare is this game program from the true first game that Lombardi coached in Green Bay — the preseason opener against the Bears on August 15, 1959. The Packers lost, 19-16.

Local Pizza Hut restaurants presented these fine glasses for sale, featuring Bart Starr, Willie Davis, Jerry Kramer, Paul Hornung, Ray Nitschke and Vince Lombardi.

Above and two following: a size-46 sideline jacket for back-up QB Don Horn. This jacket was originally sourced from a friend of the Packers equipment manager.

Above and below: a Packers coaches’ sideline jacket from the 1985-1990 era.

1962 Green Bay Packers massive 67" x 87" Champions Stadium Blanket. 

Following the Packers 1961 championship, Vince Lombardi was in no mood to lose to a bunch of college players, and his Packers dispelled the upstarts 42-20 Aug. 3, 1962. This is the game program from Soldier Field in Chicago.

Sourced directly from Forrest Gregg is this blanket honoring his performance in 1959.

For these and other sports items online, go here.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Packers/Bears 1977 – Part 3

Here is the final part of our Packers-Bears 1977 game for your Fathers’ Day viewing.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Packers/Bears 1977 – Part 1

We’re going to bring you a 1977 Green Bay vs. Chicago game in three parts that we found recently. More specifically, it’s from October 30, 1977 and it turned out to be a Halloween horror show for the Packers, but it’s interesting to watch from a historical perspective. It’s always notable to see just how much the television broadcasts themselves have changed. Despite the outcome, we hope you enjoy seeing the Packers of a recent yesteryear.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Training Camp 2012... and More!

Well, we’re back here in the United States after a lengthy trip to the European continent, and we’re trying to get back in the swing of things in regards to the Packers and the upcoming 2012 season. A good way to start is to post the 2012 Training Camp schedule, which was just released this morning. We are finalizing plans for when we’re going and how to work it in with previously scheduled trips to Green Bay for the Shareholders’ Meeting (July 24th), and our preseason game against the Cleveland Browns, inconveniently scheduled for Thursday, August 16th. We will, of course, provide coverage of all these journeys here on the blog, and we’re also trying to decide the direction of this space during the football season and how many hours we’re willing to commit on a daily basis, posting news and whatnot. If you’re never been to Training Camp, why not make a visit this year? We hope to see you there.

• Packers Team Report
• Packers close minicamp with eye on youth
Rodgers tutors backup Harrell
• Rodgers builds relationship with new coach
• Hawk knuckles down to regain big-play production
• Harrell takes it all in
• Packers Notebook
• Schedule set for Packers training camp
• Packers open training camp on July 26
• McCarthy changes up camp schedule
• Mike McCarthy press conference highlights
• 3-2-1 Contact… but where's the line?
• Tackling their tackling problem
• Packers Notebook
Five things rookies should know about the media
Best record doesn't translate to title success
• Mini-Camp Thursday photos are here and here:
• Practice gives way to team building
• Photos of Wednesday’s clay shooting trip are here
• Capers says competition at highest level
• Where’s Woodson?
• Woodson returns to practice
• Mini-Camp Tuesday photos are here, here, and here
• For McCarthy, Finley's spirit worth a thousand words

• Inside Minicamp: Another one in the books is here.

• McCarthy: Offseason critical to our success. Watch here.

• Packers finish Mini-Camp. Watch here.

• McCarthy thinks Woodson looks great, here.

• Inside Minicamp: Woodson returns to the field. Watch here.