Sunday, April 01, 2012

46 Years of Media Guides — Part IV

As baseball gets in high gear, we’re back with the fourth installment of the Green Bay Packers’ Media Guide retrospective. This group can be subtitled “The Starr Years,” as it reflects the Hall of Fame QB’s coaching career. 1983 RECORD: 8-8 • In what was Bart Starr’s final season as the Packers’ head coach, the team ended up with a .500 record, and those in charge thought that it was time for a change. The team set an NFL record for most overtime games played in one season with five, winning three. In October on Monday Night Football, Green Bay defeated the Washington Redskins, 48–47, in the highest scoring game in MNF history. It was voted one of the ten best Packer games ever. Packers’ Hall of Fame C Larry McCarren is on the cover.

1982 RECORD: 5-3-1 • In a strike-shortened year, the Packers finished third in the NFC Central, yet made the playoffs. Due to the strike, the NFL ignored division standing and placed eight teams from each conference into the playoffs. The Packers beat the Cardinals 41–16 in the first round, but lost to the Dallas Cowboys 37–26 in the second. Their playoff berth was the first for the Packers in ten seasons. Kicker Jan Stenerud graces the cover in 1982.

1981 RECORD: 8-8 • A .500 season set the team in third place in the NFC Central behind Tampa Bay and Detroit. “On the cover: LB Mike Douglass, poised to strike, was the Packers’ Most Valuable Defensive Player of 1980, leading the way with 122 solo tackles.”

1980 RECORD: 5-10-1 • Before the 1980 season even began, it seemed first-round draft pick Bruce Clark had the right idea when he bolted directly for the Canadian Football League — never playing a down for the Packers. Green Bay regrouped and started strong by outlasting the Chicago Bears in an overtime thriller in the season opener. But with 27 players on injured reserved during the course of the year, the team was unable to replenish its roster and Green Bay suffered their 7th losing season in 8 years. “On the cover: Ecstatic Estus Hood, literally jumping for joy, sweeps Mike McCoy into air after No. 29 makes key intercept in 27-14 ‘Monday Night’ victory over Patriots. Fellow celebrants are Rich Wingo (50) and Johnnie Gray.”

1979 RECORD: 5-11 • There is almost nothing to say about this season. The club posted a 5-11 record, earning them a fourth-place finish in the NFC Central division. “On the cover: This unique illustration, showing Coach bart Starr silhouetted by the late Vince Lombardi, was done by San Francisco artist David Grove.”

1978 RECORD: 8-7-1 • The club posted a 8-7-1 record, earning them a second place finish in the NFC Central division. This marked the first season the Packers were above .500 since 1972. On the cover: the team during introductions at Lambeau Field for a 1977 game.

1977 RECORD: 4-10 • The club posted a 4-10 record, earning them a fourth-place finish in the NFC Central division. On the cover: QB Lynn Dickey.

1976 RECORD: 5-9 • The club posted a 5-9 record, earning them a fourth-place finish in the NFC Central division. On the cover: Head coach Bart Starr (left), and Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator Dave “Hawg” Hanner.

1975 RECORD: 4-10 • The club posted a 4-10 record under new coach Bart Starr, earning them a fourth-place finish in the NFC Central division. On the cover: Bart Starr watches the team during spring workouts.


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