Sunday, January 15, 2012

It’s Game Day in Green Bay

There’s not a whole lot that we need to say here, so we’ll let all the information below tell the story of the game coming up on Sunday afternoon. We’re fond of the logo for the game that we created (above), so we’re using it again, and we trust that we’ll be making one for the N.F.C. Championship game next Sunday as well. There’s plenty to read up on today, and we’ll update the blog and add more articles as the weekend goes on.


kmjutr said...

I ran into an old friend, his father had season tickets. He and his wife did not want to go tomorrow, so my 12 yr old son and I get to go! I was there for both the divisional and championship games in January, 1997. History and tradition, I am so glad I am a Packers fan! You have a great site, Go Pack Go!!

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