Monday, January 16, 2012


Game Story: Green Bay Press-Gazette
Game Story: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Game Story: The New York Times
Game Story: The New York Daily News
Game Story: New York Newsday
Game Story: The New York Post
Game Story: Associated Press
Game Story:
Game Story:
• Official Statistics
• Official Box Score
• Official Play-By-Play Summary
• Scoring Summary
• Photo Galleries: Here, here, and here
• Game Notes
• Packers Insider
• Rants and Rants
Instant Reaction: 37-20 Loss to New York
• Defense can't stop Giants' big plays
Sudden end to season 'a hard pill to swallow'
• Season ends with a rude surprise
• Reaction from the locker room
• So what happened?
• As Giants rise to occasion, Packers shrink
• Why the Packers lost
• Hail-Mary play was the game-changer
Giants D gets after Packers’ Rodgers
Momemtum shifts before halftime
• Giants postgame locker room quotes
• Defense does nothing to lift Packers
• As always, Eli plays it cool
• Philbin’s return brightens disappointing day
• Packers, Texans staffs to coach Pro Bowl
• Collins optimistic while pondering future

Coach Mike McCarthy tries to make sense of the loss here.

QB Aaron Rodgers meets with the media here.

Soundbites from around the locker room are here.

The game lowlights can be watched here, if desired.


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