Thursday, January 05, 2012


• Jennings getting mind right
• Packers Notes
• Jones could be back as starting LB
• Jennings appreciates extra week to heal
• Jennings says he's ready to go
• Rodgers' excellence makes him obvious MVP
• Packers Notebook
• A look at the N.F.L. playoff field
• Flynn wins Air N.F.L. Player of Week award
• Flynn named 'NFC Offensive Player of the Week'
• Fans reminded to be careful when buying tickets
• Flynn's success 'bittersweet' for Rodgers
• Starks working his way back
• Philbin has another interview scheduled
• Rodgers best in N.F.L. in new QB measure
• N.F.L. playoff power rankings
• Vegas: Packers have best shot at title
• Dorsey declines interview for Colts G.M.

Coach Mike McCarthy’s Wednesday media visit is here.

WR Greg Jennings is ready for playoff action, here.

Sound Bites from around the locker room are here.

The Mike McCarthy Show, with guest Josh Sitton, is here.


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