Friday, December 16, 2011


• Nick Collins on his return
• Packers have only a few surefire Pro Bowl picks
• Campen, Dietrich-Smith deny Shoelacegate
• Chiefs week: Packers Thursday practice report
• Packers Roundtable: Week 15
• Packers Notes
• Packers Notebook
• Chiefs' secondary reason for respect
• Interchangeable parts
• Chiefs trying to figure out how to stop Rodgers
Arrowhead Report: Thursday

Coach Mike McCarthy’s Thursday press conference is here.

A Bumpy Road to Perfection, from the N.F.L. Network, is here.

Kansas City head coach Romeo Crennel’s Thursday press conference is here.

Inside the Chiefs Locker Room is here.

Since we’re playing the Chiefs this Sunday, this old commercial came to mind.


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