Wednesday, December 07, 2011


• Will cold bring soaring pass game down to earth?
• Finley's versatility makes him a potent weapon
• Oakland Raiders Scouting Report
• Green Bay Packers stock sale starts strongly
• Team gains hundreds of new owners
• Shareholders can be fined $5,000 for betting
• My Sportsman: Aaron Rodgers
• Aaron Rodgers’ dominant season
• Rodgers nominated for Air NFL Player of the Week
• Jennings’ foundation gives gift to school
• Report: Bears not interested in Favre
• Giants game to be featured on “NFL Turning Point”
• Did Giants get robbed by officials?
• Packers-Giants game scores big in TV ratings
• Two-minute success isn't completely new
• U.S. city other than L.A. has contacted Vikings

Drive of the Week: Packers march to victory can be seen here.

The Packers’ stock sale press conference can be seen here.

The N.F.L. Network’s Who Can Beat the Packers in the Playoffs? can be seen here.


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