Friday, December 02, 2011


• Unsung players prepared to answer role call
• Packers stock sale begins Tuesday
• Neal remains patient as snaps increase
• 'Boring' McCarthy sets the tone
• Packers Notes
• Packers Notebook
• Packers focused on little picture
• Rodgers' monthly award streak hits four
• McCarthy cutting back on workload
• Texas A&M fires former coach Mike Sherman
• Grant thinks Suh deserved more punishment
• Brady: You can't play QB better than Rodgers
• Rodgers No. 1 in Pro Bowl votes
• More Brandon Saine may be on the way
• Giants week: Thursday practice report
• Is 16-0 in sight?

Mike McCarthy’s Thursday press conference is here.

The N.F.L. Network’s No Huddle on a possible Giants upset is here.

DE Ryan Pickett on the Packers being hungry is here.

C Scott Wells, commenting on having to play their best this Sunday, is here.


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