Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas at Lambeau

We’d prefer that the Packers didn’t play on Christmas Day, but it is what it is, and we’ll be in front of the tube in warmth instead of in the cold confines of Lambeau Field. The forecast doesn’t call for as much snow as is shown above, but even some flurries during the game would be a nice touch, don’t you think? After last week’s loss (we’d almost forgotten what losing was like), the Packers should be hungry to make ground meat out of the Bears. They simply cannot lose to those goons on Christmas.

Here’s what Lambeau looked like on Friday afternoon. The tarp has been on for at least a couple of days.

Yes, there is snow in Green Bay already. A White Christmas indeed.

Above and below are a couple of images from Wednesday’s practice.

The Packers tweeted this photo of Aaron Rodgers and his “Galloping Gobbler” award from the Thanksgiving game. He just received it with his name engraved on the trophy from FOX.


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