Sunday, December 04, 2011

Back to the Big City

Once again, the Packers will take on the New York Giants — this time in the Big Apple. These teams played each other last December 26th, and that was the start of the current Green Bay winning streak, which now stands at 17 straight games. MetLife Stadium (above) will be the site of the 3:15 p.m. (CDT) start.

We wanted to share this photo that was posted by the Packers on their Twitter account. It shows a much better and different view of the growing lights that are on the Lambeau Field surface for most of each week. The heated lamps promote grass growth this time of year when it normally would be going dormant for the winter. The Packers will need a good field for their home playoff games this January.

If you live in the red area of these great United States, you will be able to see the Packers-Giants game.

And now on to the video. Here is the official N.F.L. Network game preview.

Playbook: Packers vs. Giants is here.

LB Clay Matthews’ interview on the N.F.L. Network can be seen here.

Kurt Warner discusses the Packers’ greatness on the road here.

Mike McCarthy’s Friday press conference is here.

Giants’ coach Tom Coughlin’s comments are here.

X-Factors: Packers vs. Giants can be seen here.

Weather update: Packers vs. Giants can be seen here.

Here are the Packers arriving in New York on Saturday afternoon.

Watch this week’s Giants Online here.

Final Thoughts on the Packers-Giants game can be viewed here.


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