Monday, November 21, 2011

Surviving a Scary One

We’re back from a weekend spent in Titletown, and we came home Sunday night with a Packers’ victory — one that was not pretty, but they extended their record to 10-0. All in all, it was a good weekend, and we experienced the first cold weather game of 2011. 49 years ago, the Packers were 10-0 going into a Thanksgiving game in Detroit. Let’s hope this team fares better in this short week of preparation.

WR Jordy Nelson had a really good day, and is the hot receiver at this point of the season.

Ladies and gentlemen, your new fullback — B.J. Raji. It was sweet to see him score!

But FB John Kuhn is still the preferred short-yardage guy, and had an important TD late in the game.

We all need to hope that RB James Starks’ knee sprain is not serious.

The defense sure had a hard time stopping the Buccaneer’s offense.

Coach Mike McCarthy has to get his team ready to travel to Detroit for an important match-up on Thanksgiving Day.

K Mason Crosby’s string of successful field goals is over.

It was good to see WR Donald Driver have a good day, with several important catches. He may be “old,” but he’s not washed up. We will feature photos that we took on Sunday in the next couple of days.


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