Saturday, November 12, 2011


Midseason grades: Rodgers nearly perfect; defense far from it
• Limiting big runs key for Packers
• Raiders interested in Packers' McKenzie
• ESPN puts its spotlight on Vikings at Packers
• Receivers maximizing opportunities
The Other Side: Wiederer on Ponder's progress
• Vikings II Week: Friday injury report
• Packers Insider
• Packers Notes
• Packers Notebook
• Vikings ‘embarrassed’ by Packers’ late drive last game
• Starks shows improvement with reads, vision
• Rodgers wins fifth Air NFL Player of Week award
• Rivera, Stills to meet with fans this weekend
• Veteran's Day events set for Monday night's game
• Rodgers facing bigger challenge
• No rest for B.J. Raji

Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s Friday press conference can be seen here.

The ESPN Monday Night Football trucks arrived Friday afternoon to begin preparations for the Vikings’ game. We will have our usual full pre-game coverage on Sunday since the game is one day later than normal. Have a great Saturday.


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