Friday, November 11, 2011

A Lot of Kicking Goin’ On

Today we have a few moments from Packers’ history where we focus on the kicking game. Above, Jan Stenerud kicks a field goal against the Buffalo Bills in Milwaukee on December 5, 1982. Stenerud, who is more known for his many years in Kansas City, played for the Packers from 1980-1983. He finished up his career in Minnesota. Green Bay beat Buffalo on this day, 33-21.

This isn’t the Packers’ kicking game, but we see Herb Adderley blocking a Fred Cox kick in Metropolitan Stadium during the Sixties.

Packers’ kicker Chester Marcol boots one during an away game early in his career. Marcol was with Green Bay from 1972-1980. The holder is P Ron Widby, #20.

This photo from Wednesday shows a light dusting of snow in Lambeau Field. It also shows another view of the portable turf heating system the team is using to grow grass as the season becomes colder.

Also from Wednesday, we see snow on Clark Hinkle Field, across Oneida Street from the stadium.

And from Thursday, we see that QB Aaron Rodgers attracts quite a crowd when he speaks.


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