Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here Come the Swashbucklers

We used to see these guys twice a year for a few decades when they were in the Division, but now they come to annoy us only occasionally. This weekend is one of those times. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers roll into Lambeau Field on Sunday at Noon to take on the 9-0 reigning World Champions — and your Packerville, U.S.A. editor will be there in person to cheer on the Pack. We’re heading up Saturday morning to make the rounds and then stay the night in preparation for the game on Sunday.

And so, it’s on to the video. Here is the N.F.L. Network game preview.

The Playbook: Packers vs. Buccaneers segment can be seen here.

Coach Mike McCarthy’s Friday press conference is here.

In preparation for some rain on Saturday, the field was covered on Friday afternoon.

Ryan Pickett speaks on Johnny Jolly’s sentencing here.

The “Final Thoughts” segment is here.

The weather report for Sunday’s game is here.

And here is the TV map for Sunday’s game. If you live in the red areas, you will see the Packers vs. Bucs. If not, sorry.


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