Thursday, November 24, 2011

Buccaneers Game — Part II

On this Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for being the reigning World Champions, and for the 10-0 start to the season. We hope that the win streak continues, but think the Packers have a battle on their hands today in an unfriendly environment. At least all Packer fans can enjoy watching the game, as it will be broadcast everywhere. Now back to Part II of our feature on last week’s Tampa Bay game, which we attended. Above, here’s a look at the Packers’ bench area at game time.

On the opposite end of the field from our North end zone seats, QB Aaron Rodgers goes to work against the Tampa defense.

The Packers come toward us, ready to snap the ball.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens at the game while you’re watching a “T.V. Time Out” at home, well… nothing happens, as evidenced by this photo.

The top arrow denotes the location of the Packers Radio Network booth, while the bottom arrow shows the location of the broadcast booth for whichever network is carrying the game. In this case, it was the FOX Network. Do you wonder how that is determined? It’s simple: the visiting team’s conference determines which network (A.F.C. teams are carried by CBS; N.F.C. teams by FOX). This doesn’t apply, however, to Sunday, Monday, or Thursday night games.

A closer-up view of Mike McCarthy and his sideline during the game.

QB Aaron Rodgers hands off to RB James Starks.

Rodgers meets with McCarthy during a timeout.

Rodgers takes a shotgun snap from center.

Under this pile somewhere is NT/FB B.J. Raji, scoring a TD as indicated by Rodgers.

Above and below, a couple of views of the Packers’ defense at work.

Whether on the road or at home, Packer fans love to yell out “KUUUHHHHNNNN” whenever the situation calls for the FB to score or get a first down. In this case, they fans not only yell — they spell out his name.

K Mason Crosby kicks an extra point down at the South end zone.

Rodgers hands off to RB Ryan Grant.

Look at that opening for Rodgers to run through should he find no open receivers!

The scoreboard celebrates a touchdown. Next year, the video screen will be four times this size — and in HD.

Rodgers runs for some yardage between G Josh Sitton and T Bryan Bulaga.

WR/KR Randall Cobb awaits the ball in the North end zone.

RB James Starks runs for some significant yardage. He would be injured later in the game.

The fans get into the “10-0” mood near the end of the game.

Above and below, a look at both end zone scoreboards when the game was final.

We thought that our games were maybe over for the year, but we received our “Gold Package” Playoff tickets invoice today. That will mean, if all goes well, a Divisional game and the N.F.C. championship. If all goes well...


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