Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Buccaneers Game — Part I

We said that we were going to share some photos of the Packers-Bucs game this past weekend, and today we’re presenting Part I. Above, T Marshall Newhouse, S Charlie Peprah, LB Desmond Bishop, and WR Tori Gurley (practice squad player) are seen signing autographs in the Lambeau Field Atrium.

The Lambeau Field tours were going non-stop on Saturday.

This is now Sunday morning, and we were approaching the stadium from our usual parking spot in the neighborhood North of the facility. Tailgating was going strong three hours before the game was to start.

We entered the stadium when the gates opened just after 10:00 a.m. to avoid the crowd back-ups resulting from the increased security (this had made us and many fans miss half of the First Quarter at the Broncos game in October). Since we were in so early, we went down to watch them set up the Packers’ sideline area.

These are the helmets of players who have radio communication with the coaches upstairs and the sideline during the game — both offense and defense. The N.F.L.’s communications crew was setting up the equipment and testing the helmets’ radio reception.

Lambeau Field is starting to fill up.

We really would like one of these cool equipment bags with the retro logo.

The grounds grew finishes removing the field tarps, which were on the field all day Saturday, and Saturday night, due to the solid rain.

The kickers and long snappers are usually the first ones out for warm-ups, as they spend quite a bit of time testing the wind and seeing how it will affect their kicking, which they will report to the coaches. Tim Masthay gets in some practice punts here.

Just some of the Packers’ equipment along their sideline area.

The communications folks were there early to get all of the radio stuff checked out and working.

A close-up of some Green Bay helmets.

Above and below, testing the helmets with radio signals from upstairs in the coaching booths.

Some Tampa Bay players out on the field for warm-ups before the game. Josh Freeman, their QB, is in the middle of the photo wearing black pants and a red baseball cap.

Getting the heated benches in place.

This is the camera that “hovers” over the field (on guide wires) and brings you all of the aerial shots of the action.

Official Green Bay Packers Gatorade.

Another look at the equipment along the Packers’ sideline.

Some pre-game television work going on along the Buccaneers’ sideline.

A FOX cameraman gets his equipment all checked out.

Hooking up the heaters to the heated benches.

LB coach Kevin Greene greets a fellow Packers’ staffer.

Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers checks things out at the field level before heading up to the coaches’ booth. We also took a photo of a staff member sitting on the bench with his play chart, but in the interests of national security, we won’t post it here, because you could read everything on the sheet in our photo.

It’s really good to see the “2010” added to all of the other championship years.

The University of Wisconsin Band was there on Sunday to play before, at the half, and after the game.

The crowd is ready for some football at Lambeau. Tomorrow, Part II will feature photos taken during the game.


Anonymous said...

He's got a "G" on his clothing, you're sure it isn't Chad Morton or something ?

basile said...

"Anonymous" was Basile.

basile said...

I meant, Mark Lovat, of course.

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