Monday, October 03, 2011

Mostly Good Day at Lambeau

Now THAT’S what we needed — a good old fashioned butt-kicking instead of a last-second nail-biter. Is there another QB in the entire league that you’d even consider wanting other than Aaron Rodgers?

N.F.L. Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Great cause... but a hideous forced display of pink onto the gridirons of pro football.

Jordy Nelson — great touchdown and a new contract as well.

Pick six for the master!

A great day to be a receiver in Green Bay.

They bent a bit in the Second Quarter, but overall — mucho good.

Now, why does the headline say “Mostly Good Day...”? Well, with the new security procedures mandated by the N.F.L. thousands of fans — including us — missed most or all of the First Quarter. We got in with 7:07 left. More on this later Monday.


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