Monday, October 31, 2011

The Grandstand Franchise — Part V

Part V of our series on the film “The Grandstand Franchise” continues today with more from the 1930’s and 40’s. Above, Andy Uram as he is interviewed.

Packers legend Tony Canadeo, whose number (3) is retired by the team, discussing his years in football.

Don Hutson pictured at his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction in 1963 as a charter member.

Johnny “Blood” McNally in 1983.

Johnny Blood in his playing days.

Several of his teammates praised Mike Michalske’s talents, and here (above and below) are some photos of him through the years.

Clarke Hinkle running against the Bears in 1939.

The Packers’ offense lined up in 1939.

Clark Hinkle, pictured in the 1937 film “Pigskin Champions.”

Hinkle taking the hand-off in a scene from the film.

Hinkle heading around the end.

“Buckets” Goldenberg in his playing days.

Goldenberg in the early 1980’s.

Ray Scott interviewing Tony Canadeo and Andy Uram.

Cecil Isbell in his playing days.

Cecil Isbell in later years.

Don’t you just love the old goalposts where it looks like some guys went to Home Depot, got some lumber and paint, and put it together the day before?

A happy Packers crowd in the olden days.

The Packers offense at work in 1942.

Cecil Isbell goes back to pass…

… and throws a touchdown to Don Hutson.

An earlier quarterback this time, Green Bay native Arnie Herber, takes the snap against the Giants.

He also throws a touchdown to Don Hutson.

Don Hutson tells a story of how they were on the West coast and stayed in Hollywood to film “Pigskin Champions.”

The movie folks wanted to do a stunt where Arnie Herber would try to throw a ball through a suspended pane of glass (black outlined box in upper part of photo) from a distance of 50 yards.

They thought that Herber would take all week to do the stunt successfully.

He wound up and let the ball fly…

… and successfully put the first two balls through two panes of glass.

Lastly for today, here is Mike Michalske who died the year the film was produced.


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