Friday, October 21, 2011

Flying Around the N.F.C. North

Today we rented a plane to take aerial photos relating to the teams in the N.F.C. North Division… just kidding. But we did search and find these images online, so it still took some effort. Above is where the Packers will be meeting the Vikings at 3:15 C.S.T. Sunday afternoon — the Mall of America Field (formerly known as the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome). The last time you saw it was probably when it deflated last year (HA! HA! HA!). Well, they’ve re-inflated it and made enough repairs so the team can use it again, but the Vikings may be playing in Los Angeles this time next year if they don’t get handed a new stadium deal.

Here’s the Minnesota Vikings’ team headquarters and practice facility at Winter Park, Eden Prairie, Minnesota. It is from here that decades of mediocrity have been executed.

Now, heading East, we cross Lake Michigan and invade the area of Allen Park, Michigan to see the headquarters and practice facility of the Detroit Lions.

Heading back West across the lake brings us to Lake Forest, Illinois and the headquarters facility of the Chicago Bears. Compared to their division-mates, it’s kind of a puny facility, don’t you think?

As we take a look at your World Champion Green Bay Packers’ facilities in Titletown, we first notice that the satellite imagery needs to be updated, as the new Training Camp facility (on the field at the top of the photo) that’s been open two years now isn’t shown.

Backing off a bit, we thought we’d show you the practice facility’s proximity to Lambeau Field (lower left). For those of you who haven’t been there 100+ times like we have, maybe you are not familiar with the area. So, this gives you an idea of how things are situated.