Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Some Things to Watch Before the Game

On the day that the World Champions return to the field for games that count, we thought we’d bring you some front office action to get you in the mood. Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy was recently profiled by Forbes Magazine, in their “Forbes Sports Money Profile.” This is presented in two parts that we think you’ll find interesting. Part I is above.

Part II.

This clip goes back to February, just before the Packers defeated the Steelers for their 13th N.F.L. championship, but we think it presents the story of the Packers’ ownership well. Perhaps there are still some out there who don’t know about Green Bay’s unique structure.

There is no shortage of hype for Thursday night’s N.F.L. opener with the Saints, and here is a clip of the minds of N.F.L. Network talking about the Packers’ “biggest N.F.C. hurdle in 2011.” To view the video clip, please click here.

Here is the official preview put together by the N.F.L. Network. To view the video clip, please click here.


Anonymous said...

Mark Murphy is one "Class Act".

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