Monday, September 19, 2011

Packers Fight Off Panthers

2-0 sounds good at this point of the season — a lot better than what the record could be if the ball had bounced a couple of different ways in the first two games. Charles Woodson (above) had a very good day. with two INT’s and a fumble recovery. The defense did what it needed to do when it needed to do it, and the Packers sealed the win, despite an attempted comeback from the pesky Carolinians.

Rodgers also had a decent day, 19 out of 30 for 308 yards and no INTs.

Rodgers celebrating with Greg Jennings after one of the TDs.

Donald Driver set the Packers’ career receiving yardage record with his lone 10-yard catch.

Coach Mike McCarthy (right) hoping his team can seal the deal.

Jordy Nelson assured the Packer victory with his single catch for an 84-yard TD in the fourth quarter. Check out the links below for all the info you might want on Sunday’s victory.


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