Monday, July 25, 2011


Things You’ll Want to Know:
• Packers Team Report
• A look at the closing hours of NFL labor talks
Peter King: Monday Morning QB
• With NFL deal, Packers hope to salvage White House trip
• Accord by NFL players, owners ends 18-week lockout
• Packers expect to fill schedule with evening practices
Mike Vandermause: Worth Sacrificing Offseason
Offensive Line Preview
• First Packers practice set for Saturday
Training camp to open July 30; Family Night tickets on sale now
• John Kuhn will test market
• Official League Calendar
• Packers ready for work, set to defend title
• NFL Negotiations at a Glance
Bob McGinn Packers by Position: Quarterbacks
• Packers Notes
Brown County glad Pack is back
• Favre's agent: “He's retired, period”


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