Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shootin’ Hoops in 1963

Over at one of the best sites dedicated to sports uniforms — Uni Watch — we came across this great photo of the 1963 Green Bay Packers basketball team. Pro football teams often have squads in the offseason that play basketball for charity and goodwill, and the Packers were no different. Recently, Green Bay players had a team named the “Green Machine.” One would think that with all those multi-million dollar knees, the team would discourage such an activity. Looking at the photo above, we can see several starters and a couple of Hall of Famers who enjoyed another sport in the non-football months during those classic Lombardi years.


Linda in Cincinnati said...

I think the teams of this era used to bill themselves as "The Packerderms." I'm pretty sure I saw them play at the Brown County Arena as a prelude to a Harlem Globetrotters appearance. Thanks for the memories!

RB Stix said...

I got a program of a game they played Feb.24, 1963 in Oconomowoc. I played in Primliminary game. I was 13. Our team had locker room w/Starkweather Electric, who were playing Packers. During the game I got to sit next to the Packers wives. After the game Jackie Nitschke asked Ray to sign it. He told her to sign it first. She did and then he did.
Then Lew Carpenter and his wife both signed
They did and got a laugh.

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