Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Out of Fuzzy’s Way!

Coming at the camera in an early-60s publicity shot is legendary Packers’ G Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston. A long-time fixture of the Lombardi teams, Thurston played on the other side of the center from his fellow guard and friend Jerry Kramer. Having weathered some financial and health setbacks, Fuzzy still lives in Green Bay as the proprietor of “Fuzzy’s 63” bar, as well as Titletown Tickets and Tours. If you’re looking for a way to get into Lambeau Field to see a game, there’s one option for you. We’ve been to his establishment several times, and had him sign a few autographs, etc. We also enjoyed his book of a few years ago, “What a Wonderful World: The Fuzzy Thurston Story,” (below) which we didn’t realize was so rare that it is now going for $240 on Amazon. Our copy is autographed, so maybe we’ll hang onto it for a while.