Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lilly Meets Starr

As the N.F.L. lockout drags on, and optimism of a normal length season fades with each passing day, we’re still here for the occasional update of timeless Packers images and stories. Today, QB Bart Starr is about to go down in the hands of the Dallas Cowboys’ legendary DT Bob Lilly. The photo is undated, and with the Cowboys’ propensity to wear white jerseys at home, it’s fairly difficult to nail it down in such a tightly-cropped image.

Lilly played his entire career (1961-1974) with Dallas after his collegiate career with Texas Christian. He was born in Texas (Throckmorton, Tex.), educated in Texas, and played professionally in Texas. The 11-time Pro Bowler was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1980.

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Craig Hubbard said...

I believe that the picture of Bob Lilly and Bart Starr was from a game in October, 1965 played at Milwaukee County Stadium. In the background you can see the Packers players standing on the sidelines and as you remember better than I, both teams were on the same sideline. It also looks as though the weather was okay that day, no cold weather clothing, typical sunny October day. By the way, you have an outstanding website!!