Saturday, March 19, 2011

Packers vs. Rams — 1977

It never surprises us what you can find on the internet, if you’re willing to spend the time searching. We came across this video from 1977, which is most of the second half of a game against the visiting Los Angeles Rams in Milwaukee. It was November 13th of that year, and the Packers came up woefully short that day — a score of 24-6. The T.V. broadcasts have changed a lot since then (few replays), and are seemingly in the dark ages as far as on-screen graphics (or lack thereof). Anyway, enjoy this look back into the Seventies and your Green Bay team led by quarterback Lynn Dickey (wearing No. 10 instead of the No. 12 that most people associate him with) in the Bart Starr coaching era. As an added bonus, you can also see the original commercials!