Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Miscellaneous Tuesday

We thought you all would enjoy some more miscellaneous Green Bay Packers images from the archives of LIFE magazine. Above, several players including Hank Gremminger (#46) stop a San Francisco player from advancing upfield. On this day — October 23. 1960 — the Packers walloped the 49ers, 41-14 at Milwaukee’s County Stadium.

Backup G Ed Blaine stretches on the sideline during a 1962 away game.

FB Jim Taylor (left) watches the defense with some of his fellow players.

The Bears and Packers at the line of scrimmage in Chicago’s Wrigley Field.

Coach Vince Lombardi watches his players on the Oneida Street practice field. That’s City Stadium — later re-named Lambeau FIeld — in the background.

Back against the 49ers in Milwaukee in 1960, LB Dan Currie (#58) and DB Hank Gremminger guard a San Francisco receiver.

The Milwaukee crowd loved the big scoring against the 49ers that day.

Three Packers head off the field after pre-game warmups at Philadelphia’s Franklin Field. There’s those jackets that we love again.